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                                          Shimmy like you're on holiday!

Since Nov 2013


London GB

"Pause" by Pitbull.

Tesco flashmob -

We call it "Pose!" 

How to: all the basic Zumba moves.  Add your own style and flavour! 

Zumba Gold: try this Tango-Bolero.   Sexy mover, don't you think?

Got 3 and a half minutes?  This is shot from behind so you can follow the moves and see the front view as well.  This is a bit faster than most Zumba Gold choreography but you could try it at home in miniature!

Get happy with Pharrell's Happy tune.

Zumba Gold Chair routine.

"Do You Love Me?"  mash potato, do the twist... do you like it like this?!

  • Zumba instructor for 3 yearsZumba instructor for 3 years
    Licensed ZIN member for 3 years
  • Zumba BasicZumba Basic
    License to teach regular Zumba® classes.
  • Zumba GoldZumba Gold
    License to teach specially designed Zumba classes for the active older adult or deconditioned participant.

Zumba GOLD classes are packed with the exhilerating passion of Zumba  -

but low impact - no jumps or fast turns - easier to follow...  with tunes you'll love and remember!  

I Love teaching Zumba Gold - it's fun, low impact and keeps you in the groove of life.   And being over 55 myself, I find regular Zumba classes a bit too much for me nowadays!  But you don't have to be my age - Zumba Gold is for EveryBody including post-natal mums and those returning to dance or fitness after a while.

Energetic, tailored to the class participants (that's You), you'll feel stretched and fantastic! 

Whether you can follow moves like a professional dancer or have "no co-ordination", everyone dances in their own way.   So add your own style and flavour and you might see someone copying you !

FEEL the music... and enjoy yourself.

  • Exilerating music to make you want to move 'n' groove. 
  • Easy to follow, hard to stand still!
  • EveryBody's Welcome.  Whatever your age, ability or fitness level, you can dance like a demon, shimmy like you're on "Strictly..." and sing like on "X-Factor" ...
  • As a Personal Fitness Trainer, be opportunistic and ask me for healthy lifestyle tips for yourself!  

Haven't moved off the beach/sofa since last season?   

Zumba Gold is a fun start back to feeling fit and fabulous again!


Dodgy knees/stiff back?  

This class caters for that!   And your back will most likely get some movement back, too, what with all those hip circles.


Too Old to remember?  

I'm over 50 and have taught ZumbaGold for Age Concern, at Sunrise Senior Living, and special needs/diabetic groups in Lambeth.  

Tell me your limitations or concerns and I'll remember to cater for them.


Just had a baby?  


After your 3 month check-up with your GP, this will ease you back into fitness.  Take is easy!

Can't jump?  Shouldn't jump? 

This is a low impact class, but I can demonstrate high impact options for those that can. 

Already auditioned for "Strictly..."?   

Strut your stuff!


All shapes and sizes welcome at Zumba Gold...  You can even reverse ageing with Zumba Gold when you keep fit, strong and supple and exercise at a high level (but at your own pace), avoid refined sugars, eat whole foods including your 5 portions of vegetables and fruit daily, get proper rest and adequate sleep...  All this increases your vibrational level (as well as happy zumba gold music and choreography!) and promotes IGF-1 - the fat-busting growth hormone!  

WEAR:   comfortable, flat, soft smooth-soled shoes; comfortable layered clothes

BRING:  water, friends, miles of smiles

ASK:       ask me about your well-being issues



How I got here...

I taught jazz dance exercise since the 80s and was Bruno Tonioli's teaching assistant (the Italian judge on TV's "Strictly...").  I choreographed pop stars and fashion shows (Bananarama, Rick Astley, Paul Young...  Hair shows Cobella, Clairol, designer Maria Grachvogel...) in London, Paris, Belgium and New York... Qualified as a Gym Instructor, taught Step, LegsBums&Tums, Stretch&Tone classes...

Growing my hair long in Liverpool, I became an actress (LLAM (hons)), ran kids' drama clubs, moved back to London and started my own business, Partyplay children's drama parties.

I became a Personal Fitness Trainer (2004, REPs level 3), with natural nutrition and lifestyle advice to help my customers.  People want more lifestyle tools, so I trained as a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and PSYCH-K(r) Practitioner to change people's negative habits and limiting beliefs; and recently became Reiki Master Teacher to help soothe, calm and balance one's chakras and meridiens; and run Reiki self-healing courses for adults and children.

And for everything else... there's ZUMBA GOLD!




Enjoy the videos, see you soon!

Kathy  x


P.S.  If you've got Nintento Wii, look out for my name in the dancer credits of Zumba 2 (movement-captured in London).


Life is for living.  Join in and have fun! 


Do you need to :

Kick a bad habit? And have better ones?

Realise a dream?  

Repair a relationship?

Be more actively healthy?

Exercise with something specific in mind? 

Eat/drink/sleep better?

Balance your chakras, find inner peace?

Get over stuff, change limiting beliefs, move on?

Great! I can help! 

See my website www.themindbodyandsoulcoach.com

- it's full of ideas, facts, motivation and ideas for you to boost your health and fitness.

Your tailor-made sessions could include NLP (neurolinguistic programming), forward-focussed Life Coaching, Psych-K(r) (psychology-kinesiology for belief change), EFT (emotional freedom technique); or Reiki energy healing treatments and self-healing courses; dietary guidance; or fitness exercises.

Tell me what you think you need.

Yours, in fitness and in health,


Kathy Yvanovich, The Mind Body and Soul Coach


for nutritionals (like David Beckham takes), click  

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L-e-t-'-s  ZUMBA !!!

Keep yourself fit, supple, strong, strengthen your heart.

Sing along if you know the words!

Tone your arms, legs, Waistline.

Laugh Out Loud!

Improves co-ordination, balance, shapes your waist.

Hum those catchy tunes all the way home!

Professional Argentine Tango on youtube:


Watch it and d-r-o-o-l !!

Licensed To Teach

  • Zumba BasicZumba Basic
    License to teach regular Zumba® classes.
  • Zumba GoldZumba Gold
    License to teach specially designed Zumba classes for the active older adult or deconditioned participant.